The Beat Of My Drum

What will be useful for you to know about me?

First, I share my life because I have priceless freedom! This freedom cost me everything. Really it cost Jesus everything. In freedom, I am not ashamed of anything – especially Jesus Christ as He is my everything. He defines me and my identity is given to me by Him. I want you to see my freedom and know you can have this priceless treasure too, if you don’t already.

Second, I share my life to help you know Jesus is REAL. Jesus loves us as no one else does. He proved this by dying for us on the cross and would have done it for only you and I. Wow! I want you to know this from the very core of your being and have it radiate, pulse, and move you so you soar high like an eagle going wherever He guides you.

Third, I share my life out of obedience. And, to demonstrate the Bible, it’s truths and promises, are just as valid and dependable today, as they ever have been and will be. This is vital as today–this moment–is really all we have.

I am married to an amazing woman. We’ve been married for over twenty-six years. It has been a journey filled with more treasure than either of us probably understand. There have been a few valleys that have truly put our marriage to the test and we pushed on to see the other side passing (or survive depending on how you view it) with an excellent grade. We have been blessed with two daughters, by my wife’s first marriage, and they are mine. To be a dad takes so much more than to sire as you go with your children through all seasons of their life – till death do you part. There are no vows for parenthood but maybe there should be and this “till death do you part,” in  my opinion, would be mandatory or you cannot be a parent.

Both our daughters are married. They each mean more to me that I can say. I am a papa to ten grandchildren. These children are the fresh oxygen that excites, moves, motivates, tuckers-out, and stimulates my very soul to the deepest places of gratitude and thanks possible. I live life with more zest because of them and would die for any of them a thousand times to save them the hurt of one unneeded tear. The needed tears must fall. I wouldn’t stop them for anything as they teach in ways not possible to learn otherwise.

My wife, daughters, sons-in-love and grandchildren are truly sources of immense happiness and bring me often to tears of joy.

I am blessed to have lots of loving family-biological and by marriage. I have many, many friends and a huge faith-family. All these people, and the special relationships we have, are the true treasure that I will take from this life into the next. “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21, NKJV

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, saved from my sins because He paid their price on the cross with His life, and live the fullness of life that He alone gives right now…with Heaven yet to come. He is my hope in glory, salvation, joy, breath of life, and reason I can share my life with you here.

I have a Master’s in Practical Theology from Regent University. Please do not think this endows me with a great level of expertise in the Bible. I am very appreciative of my training, which was very transformational to my life. The greatest thing I learned while in seminary…is there is so much more to learn and this is very humbling. Seminary greatly assisted in my self-examination of importance to be put in proper perspective: I am great because God has made me and it is His glory that shines on, and sometimes through, me. This usually happens when I humbly do what He asks and from a place of vulnerability. Here in this blog, and in my life, I am going to push myself to be totally honest and transparent, as He has done great things for me. Very great things!

My prayer for this blog is to be a place where you are encouraged, challenged, thrilled, energized, and receive as much as you can of anything Jesus wants you to have from the words and stories here. I also hope you will bless me with your thoughts, ideas, stories as I know He will teach me much in this journey.

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  1. As a father of two sons and grandfather of 5 grandsons and 2 grand daughters I can relate to the tears of joy.

    • Thank you sir! We have kindred spirits to the extent of loving our families and cherishing the great blessings they are. I’m sure there is more we have in common too. Thank you for your comment.

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