How Do You Know You Have a New Life, a.k.a, Freedom?

Going to Target this evening to pick up a script from the pharmacy and I decided to put the top down as it is an amazing, late-summer evening. Wow, it felt so great and I really wished I was driving an hour to get there and an hour to get back. The wind blowing through my hair, day giving way to night, and its open sky above me was tangibly a way to taste Freedom!

This set the stage for what was soon to come. I certainly had no idea. This is true of my existence much more often than I’d like to admit.

An hour later, sitting in my man cave reading from Acts I find these words, “Go stand in the temple courts and tell the people the full message of this new life.” An angel said this to the Apostles who had been put in prison for teaching and performing miracles in Jesus’ Name.

These words hit me:

“…tell the people the full message of this new life.”

This instantly made me ask myself a series of questions:

  1. What prison am I in that I cannot open the doors and need to be freed?
  2. If I’m not in a prison then am I telling people what Jesus has done (a.k.a., the full message of this new life)?
  3. What is “new life” and do I truly have it?
  4. What is stopping me from telling our story, Jesus and my story?

For question 1, the main prison that keep me locked up and bound in a stronghold made of a powerful chain of links stronger than iron–fear and secrets–no longer holds me captive. I am free. SSA/homosexual attractions and confusion is gone and growing less and less every day. Only God can do this. I have collaborated with Him. Together we are free and growing in Freedom.

For question 2, I have this blog and share with men, mostly, the ways He has taught me what Freedom is and how to walk in it. So, yes, I do tell what Jesus has done.

For question 3, “new life” for me is salvation from my sins AND living the abundant life Jesus has for me, daily (John 10:10b, NKJV “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”). No more guessing if I’m gay. No more wondering why I have unholy desires for men. No more porn and the sins that come with it. No more. Over eight years walking in pursuit of holiness and turning away from the lies of the enemy! Wow, thank you Jesus! I never could have done this on my own. And, I doubt I’d still be walking this earth if you wouldn’t have freed me!!

And last, question 4, what is stopping me from telling my story? Our story? Only me. You woo, prompt, and put opportunities in my path almost daily. And, I often reluctantly comply.

Why do I hold back?

There is still a level of fear in me. Yes, I admit it. And, writing these words (all the words of this post and blog) is yet another way to show this fear that it will not rule in my life!

Where are you in your journey? Are you free from your stronghold(s)? What is Holy Spirit asking you to do to start growing in Freedom? What are the bars to your prison cell? They truly are rubber compared to the strength of Jesus’ arms and power to bust you free!

I have always found that seeing God move in someone’s life gives me hope He can so the same for me. If you need hope to know change is possible then read my post sharing how He worked in my life, Can Your Life Really Change?

If you need any help in your journey leave a comment and let me know how to reach you. We can email, text, or talk. If you want your comment left private just say so. There is Freedom for you no matter what your stronghold is!

How Can We Not Fear Death? A dog’s end of life as an example.

“He had his head held high and his tail wagging. How can this be?” My buddy, Aron, asks this of me. Aron had shared how he had to put his beloved dog, Mac, down after having him for 15 years. Mac had been with the family through several moves, family tragedies, many good times and tons of “regular ol’ days”…you know those days that just happened and when you think back to the specific day–be it last week, month or a few years ago–nothing at all stands out about it. We all have a lot of these days and need to be much more thankful for them! They are good, good days!
Aron and I have been spending several hours a week, for about a year, together training for different lengths of races (10, 15, 25k, half-marathons and even some marathon training miles) and he branched out into doing triathlons convincing me to tackle one too. We had just finished an evening of lake swimming and afterward were telling each other about our day. Aron is a very laid-back personality, overall. It doesn’t take much though (so he tells me) to get him “wound up” and “going off” on people, especially his employees. I’ve never witnessed this and I’m glad. It really is hard for me to believe him when he says this about himself. Guess, for me, it is truth when I “see if for myself.”
He started telling about his guys on a job (he owns a construction company) where he had paid them to tape off a huge area of a remodel that needed some touch-up paint work. They were totally ignoring the plastic he paid them put down to protect the new flooring and were about to make it even worse as there was a problem with a paint gun that was about to go off and cause a huge amount of destruction when he dropped by the site. I could sense his anger and frustration and thought to myself, “Well, maybe he’s not kidding about his temper?”
Then he shared how he had to stop during his day and take his dog to the vet to be put down. This was an abrupt direction change in the conversation which totally caught my attention. As he started telling the story I had in my mind several friends on Facebook sharing how they had just lost their beloved pet and several stating they had to put their “fur friend” to sleep. These posts always put me in tears! Always!!
His dog was more his wife’s as Mac followed his wife around the house, slept at her feet while watching TV, occupied his side of the bed right next to his wife until he came to bed and then begrudgingly went to her feet to sleep. I know how this works as it happens with our dogs and my wife and I (usually they follow me around though).
That morning Aron’s wife had already said her good-byes to Mac, with many tears being shed. She left the house telling him she could not take Mac to the vet and he would have to take him. For a while now Mac had slept on a doggy-bed on the main floor as he could no longer climb the stairs. When my buddy came down the stairs Mac got up off his bed and came over and leaned against his legs. This was not Mac’s norm. This put my buddy in tears knowing this was the last day of Mac’s life. Mac then went to the door waiting to go out to the car like he knew what was to happen.
My buddy had an early meeting and couldn’t take Mac first thing to the vet. Mac went out with him and right over to the truck. This too was not Mac’s norm as he wasn’t fond of riding in the car either. Aron explained how he would be back for him later and it wasn’t time to go yet. Mac looked at him and went back to the house. This really made Aron think, “Wow, Mac knows what is to happen today.”
About mid-morning Aron sidelines his day and heads home to take Mac to the vet. When he gets there, again, Mac gets up and comes to greet him with his tail wagging. After a short “hello” Mac heads to the door waiting for Aron to open it for him and goes right to the truck. Aron has to lift him in and does so with no hesitation from Mac. Not normal.
Mac is content riding to the vet and Aron is loving on him and talking to him about all the times they have shared together. Mac looks at him several times with understanding looks and again, Aron thinks, “He knows what is happening.”
When they get to the vet it isn’t Mac who is anxious or upset, as that is what is normal. He takes him to the waiting room, explaining first why he is there to the person behind the counter, and they sit for a few minutes. Again, Aron is talking to him and loving on him with Mac looking at him with understanding eyes.
The door opens and the vet tech comes over putting a leash on Mac and Aron takes off Mac’s leash from him. Mac goes with the tech. And in Aron’s own words, “Mac had his head held high and his tail waggin.” Aron shared how he knew Mac was not afraid. Mac knew his life was about to be over. He had had a great life. He had two people to love, protect, take great care of and they had been there for him all his life too. Life had been good.
“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.” Mac knew the truth of these words. He was ready to meet His creator. He had lived a full life serving his purpose well–to take great care of Aron and his wife.
Knowing your purpose, and serving well in doing it, will help you when you reach the end of your life to have great confidence of what is next, and not to fear.
As I reflect upon my thoughts about death, first I am thankful for great understanding and wisdom the Bible teaches in how death is nothing to fear. Also, books like “One Month To Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life” by Kerry and Chris Shook have helped me not to fear death. Third, growing my identity in Jesus and allowing Holy Spirit to bring “secrets” into the light. They have no power over me and this has helped me greatly to not fear death.
Now, I cannot say that death causes me no alarm. Truly, it is more the possible “ways’ I could die that still cause me anxiety. This is where the enemy can creep in on me, and you. We are not to be anxious about anything but instead pray and be thankful, Ph 4:6-7. While we are doing this we will develop a great sense of how to prioritize our lives and live in confidence of Jesus’ peace which guards our hearts and minds.
This is not easy, but simple.
We can have our “heads held high and our tails wagging” every day when we walk in Freedom, as most of us will not know what day is our last.
Freedom comes at a great cost and you grow in it when you begin to believe and experience Jesus’ powerful love and grace. If you need help growing in Freedom please leave a comment and I will pray with you and help you in any other way possible.

How God’s Timing Is Perfect

I’m studying the Bible this evening, enjoying some solitude in my man cave. My loyal dogs are at my feet and I can hear faintly the sound of the nighttime serenade of creation beckoning me to soak in its soothing cadence. I love God’s Word. I love summer.

I’m going through a chronological Bible and I’m starting Proverbs. Yes, I am about one and half months behind schedule and I’m not letting this concern me as once a week I read several days at a time and I’m catching up, slowly and surely. I have a great familiarity of Proverbs as for over 15 years a chapter of Proverbs, by the day of the month, was part of my regular study plan. After that many years most would have the Proverbs memorized. Not me though. I am very familiar and maybe someday I’ll put in the effort to memorize them.

“For the Lord detests a perverse man, but takes the upright into his confidence.” Pr 3:32. This stops my reading immediately. God hates people? God hated me because of my perverseness? How could this be true? God is love. I instantly think of the intimacy with Christ I have in prayer, hearing His voice, discerning His desires for me and life. This has grown immensely over the past few years. I juxtapose this closeness with Him and how my life was when steeped in porn, lusting after men’s bodies, desiring from them what I knew deep down I lacked. I had very little intimacy with Jesus then compared to now. What relationship I had was through His blood and the cross. This every repentant sinner has. Did I have a real closeness to Him where I could sense His touch, see and feel prayers answered for myself and others, discern what to say to other people, have thankfulness for all of life–good and bad, and so much more? Absolutely not! Why?

As I contemplated this I remembered reading David Platt’s Radical, Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream, where he wrote that God hates sinners. He refutes the cliché, “God hates sin but loves the sinner.” When I read this deep in my being I knew it was true. Did I personalize this? No. That would be crazy. He is writing to other people, not me. Well, tonight God’s Word was speaking right into my soul. I was terrified and so very thankful at the same time. I had been hated by God as I was my sin and He hates sin. Platt’s book explains this well and as I go forward reading Proverbs I find many more that confirm this truth. Here are a few more verses from Proverbs alone:

The LORD detests men of perverse heart but he delights in those whose ways are blameless. Pr 11:19
The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. Pr 12:22
The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him. Pr 15:8
The LORD detests the way of the wicked but he loves those who pursue righteousness. Pr 15:9
The LORD detests the thoughts of the wicked, but those of the pure are pleasing to him. Pr 15:26
The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished. Pr 16:5

As I sat and contemplated I could not figure out how I can separate myself from my sin when I willfully desire it. When steeped in homosexual desires and going continually to porn and masturbation and constantly searching out men to fantasize about, I was my sin. My Heavenly Father hated me. You may not see it this way. Fine. For me, I can see clearly now why I struggled so hard as I had a heart that lacked a singular bent, focus, or desire for God’s way to live.

This is crucial in my walk as Christ’s disciple. Is my life centered in Him, His teachings, His way to live? Or, do I justify and rationalize areas of my life so I can continue to indulge in sin telling myself, “God hates my sin but not me.” I instantly think of these Scriptures from James 4:4-10:

“You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. Or do you think Scripture says without reason that the spirit he caused to live in us envies intensely? But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

Can this be any more clear? To me, at this moment, no! I cannot let the world tell me truth. I cannot as it will allow me to disassociate myself from my sin and, as I read, pray, and feel the power of God’s Word permeate into my very soul, I must surrender more of myself to Him going to His feet and thanking Him for His perfect love. Or, I can choose any number of other postures–all of which will keep me trapped in my sin or, at the very least–prevent me from experiencing more freedom He desires me to live out.

Now, is there a tension still yet in this whole idea of this preached cliché that God hates sin but loves sinners? Yes. What am I do with this? I understand what these words are trying to convey but why am I believing they are strung together like a necklace that catches the eye but lacks brilliance to hold my attention? If there was a huge, flashy gemstone at the center of the necklace then I would be enamored with it. What is the gemstone that is missing? I’m going to challenge you that it is one that at first glance will catch your breath but not because of its initial beauty. Instead, it is a beauty that is much deeper than the eye can perceive and is found through revelation.

In Platt’s book he mentions John 3:36, calling it one of the most overlooked verses in the Bible. It reads, “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.” Do you see the beauty here? It is there. The wrath of God (cannot imagine what this really means!) is NOT on anyone who believes in Jesus. If you have not said “yes” to the Gospel then you have God’s wrath upon you. Word. If you believe, you are forgiven. Jesus’ blood covers your sin and your Heavenly Abba does not see your sin–any of them. He chooses to not hold them against you. If you reject Jesus, He sees your sin and there is no blanket thick enough or large enough to even begin to cover your sin…no matter how little you might have sinned.

So, the beauty is only found when you contemplate that there is a mighty gem at the center of this necklace and it is truly one-of-a-kind as it is God’s only Son’s sacrifice of His life through His broken body and shed blood on the cross. The cross is powerful, but lacking, if we do not consider the empty tomb. Jesus conquered death, destroying its power, and creating a beautiful package or gift that no one else can give…grace. Grace is the most beautiful stone ever mounted in any necklace. Who is adorned with this beautiful necklace that should be viewed in a museum exhibit guarded by several sentinels and the latest, greatest high-tech sophistication ever invented? You and I. Do we wear this now? Yes and no.

I exist in this world. Is this truly where I reside? No. Colossians 3:3 states, “For you died when Christ died, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God.” Where does Jesus reside right now? Four verses in Hebrews tells us that Jesus is at the highest place of honor, at the right hand of God (see 1:3, 1:13, 8:1, and 10:12). I am in Christ and in some mysterious way, I am with Him now in Heaven. How can this be? I do not have a full understanding but what I perceive is that in my heart I reside where home is and that is Heaven, where Jesus is now. It is like I have gone on a trip and while I am gone I experience all kinds of sights, foods, people, places and at the same time, I long for home. I can be there so quickly in my thoughts so really that is where I am the whole time I am on my grand adventure. This is how I view the truth of these Scriptures and my life now.

With all this being true, I must consciously live my life knowing that sin separates me from God and having close intimacy with Him. That is why Proverbs 16:32 was so convicting when I read it anew. I must remember the great price that was demanded for my sin…Jesus’ life! Body broken. Blood shed. God is merciful. And, He is just. God is love. And, He is truth. I will never receive what I deserve and I am truly thankful for this. No one will be able to pay the price of their sins no matter how few they might be. Mine is many and mighty! All forgiven. Thank You Jesus!

How you view your sin, God’s love for you, the price tag for your sin, and how to live daily is up to you. You may not agree with my thinking. I challenge you to consider what clichés you take in as truth and how they guide your daily life? This cliché does have Scripture to back it up and yet, for me, I over-identify with one side of the saying or the other and wonder if you maybe do the same? I have downplayed my sin thinking that God loves me no matter what, right? Or, I have hated myself and truly believed God hated me too as I was the lowest, sickest scum in the pond! To balance out this cliché is difficult and if you use it to rationalize your sin and be slack in your pursuit of holiness then I submit to you that these words strung together like cheap costume jewelry need to be dressed up with the priceless stone of “grace” so as to penetrate your very soul helping you to live out a lifestyle of repentance and personal pursuit of holiness. Your intimacy with Christ is on the line. Remember the proverb says, “For the Lord detests a perverse man, but takes the upright into his confidence.” There is very little I want more than to be able to freely converse with God knowing His plans for me as I live daily with Him…to be in His “confidence.”

If any Biblical clichés conflict with Scripture in any way or diminish what a single verse states then really it is a cultural “catch phrase” and needs to be reconsidered. I am not saying this cliché has no truth. I am saying how you live it out is vital in your walk and intimacy with God.

Something noteworthy about this cliché is that it originated with St. Augustine from the phrase, “Cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum” which translates closely to, “With love for mankind and hatred of sins.” Over time it has become more popular as “love the sinner but hate the sin” or “hate the sin and not the sinner” with the latter form appearing in Mohandas Gandhi’s 1929 autobiography. Both Augustine and Gandhi were very wise men and yet, not Jesus. Remember Gandhi wasn’t a Christian.

If you are struggling with a sin-habit then there is hope. There is Freedom. First, you must know what is freedom. May God bless you in your journey with Jesus.

When Grief Does Turn Good – Reflection on Tragedy

I cross the street and I’m stepping on the set of a movie as this cannot be real! This has to be a scene being filmed for a new action adventure staring Bruce Willis, not my hometown of Joplin, MO. My mind is numb. My thoughts are processing in slow motion. This is is wild as my brain usually can go in many directions at a time and I work hard to slow my focus to what is most important at that moment. The central thought is, “They are dead.”

This was my life three years ago today at approximately 6:30pm (written on May 22, 2014). I lived in Carl Junction, MO. My parents and niece lived in Joplin, MO where a F5 tornado ripped through the town. Our satellite was out so we had no clue how bad the damage was from the tornado. My wife was receiving text from our youngest daughter about the damage. First, St John’s was destroyed. No way! This upset me greatly as it was my first real job, where my wife and I met, and I knew many people were there as patients and employees – what happened to the people? Next, Home Depot was gone. This cannot be true. My heart is starting to race. How bad was this storm? Then, the text came that Walmart at 15th & Range Line was gone. “That’s only a few blocks from Mom and Dad’s house! We have to go and check on them.”

We park at the Joplin School District Administration building and walk to their house. I’m in shock. At this moment, as I reflect, I can feel my mind and body go numb again. So much has transpired in three years. My dad perished from the tornado, and then my oldest sister died two mornings later from a stress induced heart attack. God is good.

The devastation was huge financially and priceless emotionally. This city is still scarred from the damage and yet healing has happened as businesses and neighborhoods are being rebuilt. This means lives are being rebuilt. God is good.

The community rallied together and we received an outpouring of assistance from those not affected, including people from all around the United States. I’m sure there were probably people from other countries who helped too. People affected helped others as they could too. God is good.
Personally, I went forward starting a new job where I was given so much assistance from new coworkers, who are now like family, processing the loss by grieving, attending the joint memorial service for my dad and sister, and trying to help my mom and the rest of my family recover. Many people were at my side which was very comforting. God is good.

Something was wrong though. Each week would pass and I would reflect upon it thinking it was horrible and next week will get better…but it didn’t. A good friend gave me the card of a Christian counselor. I put it on my desk and told myself I would call and make an appointment if the next week wasn’t any better. This went on for a month. On a Thursday, I started to leave my desk for some reason and, boom, it hit me again. I dropped to my chair and fought with every once of my strength not to break down. When I lifted my head from praying, I saw the counselor’s card and picked up the phone and called. God is good.

It has been three years ago and I’m am not the same man any longer. God is real. Yes, He is more real than anyone or anything else in this life. He is the unseen real. He has healed me of so much with more yet to happen as He is generous and there will always be more healing needed. What has happened is monumental though and, is a miracle! God is good.

I live with an excitement for each day and know what is to come is good. How can I do this? Because…God is good.

If you were hurt in any way from the Joplin tornado (really any tragedy) and are not thriving and better now than before, please get help. See a counselor, talk to your minister, let me know and I will help you however I can. God is real. He wants to help you. If you are hurting from anything and need help, He is real and wants to help you. If you want help from me, let me know and I’ll do anything I can to assist you so you too will know…God is real, He loves you, Jesus’ transformation for you will give you new life – one you cannot begin to dream how good it will be.

Anything that can happen in life to help you start to understand, or grow your understanding that…God is good, is good. This is when grief turns good. It takes time. This is true. If I’ve said once I have said a thousand times, “You get better or you get bitter.” I’m getting better. And I so thankful I’m not allowing the other to happen.

I pray you are learning this too in your journey with Jesus.

The Weekend I Wanted & The Weekend I Got

It’s Monday, February 10th, 8:00 pm. Another weekend has passed–the second weekend of the second month of the year. I have been focusing much on how fast this year will fly. Because of this, I had planned on spending this weekend writing, reading, vision-casting, with maybe two excursions away from my castle: Academy Sports + Outdoors to buy a new elliptical on Saturday, and church on Sunday. I can be the ‘king of piddle’ so I must be decisively conscious of how I spend my time as my life is passing faster and faster. I have much urgency, my time is short–even if I am here on my ninetieth birthday and beyond–it won’t be enough.

I get home late from work on Friday, meet with one of my best bros-in-Jesus for about an hour. We discuss Abraham and Lot. Lot chose the best digs being the whole plain of the Jordan (see Gen. 13:10-11) and Abraham went on in faith that God had something greater for him. As the story proceeds, Lot gets into a pickle that produces a run for his life and everything he has, except his two daughters, is burned or turned to salt (poor, rubbernecking wife!) and ends up in a cave. His life fades off into who knows? When Abraham and Lot parted ways with Lot taking what “appeared” to be the best choice, Abraham continued on following God and he definitely made the best choice as he became a man that almost everyone knows something about, even if not of a Judeo-Christian background. Abraham is still discussed thousands of years later. Who talks much about Lot, if at all? This conversation helped me think several times over the weekend about the daily choices I make. Are they “Lot loser” or “Abraham accolade” decisions? Both can be discussed for a long time. I desire to make choices that will spur positive recollections of me someday when memorialized, and beyond. I must choose to be “Abraham-like” and do my best to avoid being “Lot-like.” Easy to profess, difficult to do.

I didn’t realize after my buddy left how this conversation would affect my weekend.

My wife comes home and our evening proceeds with the opening ceremony for the winter Olympics – snoozeville! After a while we stop and watch a show on Netflix. Soon a text comes in from our oldest daughter.  Our three-year-old grandson is going to the hospital by ambulance. He’s been diagnosed with the flu. They live almost an hour and a half away. I’m concerned. We’re concerned. Our daughter keeps us updated via text as the evening proceeds. We are praying and many friends and family are joining with us. This has to be one of the biggest blessings from being part of the body (local fellowship/church) as you are never alone when the trial proceeds!

The next morning I get up early, text my daughter, and she shares that my grandson is sleeping but hasn’t improved. Her night was sleep-deprived with alarms of machines going off and the overall setting of a hospital, which is not conducive to rest. We end the conversation with her promising to let me know when anything changes. I go on with my morning studying from Numbers, writing a journal entry, praying–thoroughly enjoying my time. On Saturdays I often do this for hours and hours. Other days of the week are packed with work, classes, family, and the days get by me without this quantity of time happening. I consistently spend time daily in the Word, praying, writing, but not hours.

I take a break around 11:30am’ish and my wife causally states, “I’d like to go and help out with the kids (the other 5 grandchildren) since our grandson’s in the hospital. I think, O.k., this is great! I’ll have the whole day to write and do all that I had planned! I’m loving this idea of hers! My wife is uhmazzzing!! I casually ask, “You coming home later tonight, right?” I don’t want her gone all night. I’m a grown man and I don’t like to stay by myself if I don’t have to, I admit it! Plus, it’s Saturday night (wink, wink). “Well, no probably not. You’re coming with me right?” flies back across the net from her side of the court. “Well, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t want to. I wanted to blah, blah, blah all weekend.” She knows because I’ve told her fifty times, at least, what my plans were-I always do! Well, then the “look” comes and the dichotomy of the expression and words that certainly do not match as she says, “You don’t have to go.” Wait. Back up the bus. [Beep, beep, beep literally bounces off the bathroom walls. Isn’t that where all these conversations happen between a husband and wife? Seems like it in my castle…with a bus almost always in the bathroom too!] And what happens next? A fork in the road and I know I must take it. To the left or to the right? Right is right and left is what I really want. Stink!

Next, she does that “wife thing” where she doesn’t say anything at all. How’s this? You give me a look like, “You should go” partnered with words saying, “You don’t have to go.” This throws my brain into a state of, “She’s invariably right and I know what I should do and yet I don’t want to do that–I want to do, what I want to do! Crap!” Then, I remember “lousy Lot” and “Abraham’s applause.” This is a decision and you can make a “Lot choice” or an “Abraham choice.” So, what did I do? I tried very hard to rationalize over and over in my head why I should stay home! Did I? No. I went, and I was very glad! My family, and especially my grandchildren, have greater value than my own life to me.

So what happened over the weekend? We helped out by taking the older gran-chillins home from the hospital after looking-in on our grandson, making pizza for them, watching a movie (I almost stayed up for the whole thing!) and overall having a good time. We took them to lunch the next day and then back home per their mother’s instructions. Then we went by the hospital to see our little man; delivering a treat to Mom and Dad of some Andy’s ice cream, visited for a little while and headed home.

Did anything unbelievably “profound” happen over the weekend? Not that I noticed. Did Abraham do anything “profound” on a single weekend of his life that carried him through to be the father of many nations? Well, there was the day he faithfully obeyed God and almost sacrificed his son. I’ll give him that as a “profound” act. And, there was the day he tried to save evil Sodom and Gomorrah bargaining with God for His mercy over fifty righteous people, and there weren’t fifty. Then he asked for forty-five, forty, thirty, twenty, ten. We know how that story ended so I’m not chalking that one up to a life-long “changing” win for Abraham. I guess you can say he must have had a heart that was tremendous to go to bat for two cities that were full of wickedness against a Pitcher who always throws a no-hitter–yes, from that perspective he’s tremendous. Yet, neither of these two acts–even combined–held the substance to leave a legacy that still impacts our world and culture today! So, I’m not going to let this weekend of seemingly “non-uber importance” stop me from knowing I made the better “Abraham-like” choice and hopefully several “little” things I did over the weekend helped contribute to the legacy I’ll leave this earth someday.

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