Why “Consider The Cost”?

This blog is all about this monumentally important concept: Consider The Cost. Everything has a price in life. Many pay a price and never consider what it is. Together we’re going to learn what this is to “consider the cost.” Cost of what? Let’s find out…

I am laying it down telling of my struggle with unwanted Same Sex Attraction (SSA)/homosexuality. Why? There are many reasons. There are reasons I’m yet to understand. My first reason is Jesus asked me to do this. Really, is there any better reason? Definitely not. Yet, this is often not the most compelling reason which causes me to do something. So, what other reasons are there? It is answer to much prayer. It is the overflow from wise counsel. All these are great reasons. Yet, they alone are not enough. What about this being a relevant, super-charged and probably the most often talked about topic in culture today? Yes, this is a huge reason. Not the biggest though. So, let’s think about what is happening in the narrative of this today.

From my perspective there are tons of stories flooding our world of people “coming out” as LGBT. They are often applauded. I really do see courage in these people. Much courage!

I read authors, mainly men, telling how Christians should allow Jesus to work in their life helping them pursue holiness and not embrace the LGBT identity. Most people writing on this topic are heterosexual. What do they really know, deep down, of this struggle? So, I want to be a voice sharing, as transparently as I possibly can, how Jesus has helped me, tremendously!

While doing this I want to show the world there is even more courage needed to listen–and agree with–the truth of Scripture in how God has better plans for us than what we can be drawn to, like attraction to the same sex, when He clearly states it is sin.

I share because as I allowed more than two decades of my life to be lived in secrets, lies and fear ruling and robbing me of true life. I don’t want to see this happen to anyone on my watch. Yes, if you are here in this site then I’ve got you on my heart and I will do all I can to help you have a better life, if you want and need help.

Mostly, I will share about Freedom. Freedom that is only available from Jesus’ way of transforming dark hearts into hearts flooded with light allowing us to live vibrant, full lives only He can give. I will encourage you with hope for whatever struggle you have and empower you with ways to grow in your walk with Jesus. And, if you don’t know Him then I want to help you find out about how much He loves you. He is your biggest fan!

Yes, Jesus power to heal, transform and change our lives to be so much greater then what we could ever plan or imagine–giving us Freedom–is the reason I’m doing this.

If you want to know more about me then please visit my Welcome page. I’ve got some “funny” for you there if you’re a person who appreciates humor.

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